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Best Pruning Shears I Have Ever Used

Springtime means getting back outside and working in the garden. One of the springtime gardening chores is pruning not the most fun job in the world, but necessary. I am cheap and I admit it and I just never would pay the money for a good pair of pruners. I have always bought cheap pruning shears and didn’t realize what a difference there is in good pair and a not so good pair. I am here to tell you that a good pair of pruners can make all the difference in the world.

The no name pair of cheap pruners I had been using have always been aggravating to use. Many times the blades would hang up and smash whatever I was trying to prune. This leaves a ragged stem that is not only ugly but also not good for the plant, but as I said I am cheap and I kept using them.

I imagine you are wondering what made me suddenly see the light and invest in the best pruning shears I have ever used. Well I was trying to prune one of my lavender plants and I wasn’t wearing gloves, the blade hung and pinched my hand. I complained to my husband and he laughed at me-yes there I was in pain and he laughed-and said why don’t you buy a good pair of pruners and throw those away.

Even though I didn’t tell him, he was right, so I began my search for a good pair of pruners. I bought a new pair and I didn’t like them, so I returned them. I bought yet another pair, same thing I didn’t like them either. I knew what I needed to do. Because no one locally had them I ordered a pair of Felco pruners and when they came I couldn’t wait to put them to the test.

These pruning shears live up to their reputation. The cut with ease and don’t make your hand hurt, no pinching either. While they may have been a little expensive, I should never have to buy another pair of pruners. The Felco’s are easily sharpened and you can replace parts that wear out. I enjoyed using them so much I was actually looking for more plants to prune.

If you need a pair of pruners, don’t keep buying those cheap no name pruners, go ahead and buy a pair of Felco’s and I think you will agree with me they will be the best pruning shears you have ever used.

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