Perennial Flower Gardening In The South

Perennial flower gardening in the south, can be both rewarding and challenging. We have a long growing season that is wonderful for growing many different perennials, but our plants are often challenged by the heat of the summer and the wacky southern winters that can see temperatures go from the 70′s to the 20′s in less than twenty four hours.

Whether your flower garden is large or small or your plans involve a sunny bed or a shady woodland garden you will find that southern gardeners have a wide variety of easy to grow perennial plants to choose from to create a beautiful perennial garden.

Flower gardening, for that matter any form of gardening, is about more than simply sticking plants in the ground. It is about being bold and experimental and being willing to make mistakes. Beginning gardeners often worry about making mistakes, but the only way to learn to garden is by gardening.

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An Email Question Fothergilla

A few days ago a reader sent this email:
I live in NC and saw this plant in a neighbors yard which I took a cutting and rooted.
It is deciduous white flowering shrub. Currently blooming. Attached is a photo of the cutting I took and rooted. I have not been able to locate one in the stores although planted in different areas around the Raleigh area.
Appreciate any help.
After taking a look at the attached pictures (which I’ve included here) and considering the fact that the shrub has white blooms in spring, …

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Bradford Pear Trees Are Evil

Several weeks ago I drove through an area of our county that is sparsely populated and much of the countryside is open pastures and fields. The beautiful scenery of the countryside was overshadowed by the presence of Pyrus calleryana cultivars, better known as Bradford Pear, blooming everywhere. What was once praised as a prized ornamental tree has become an invasive nuisance in many areas.
Like many plants that have been introduced to the United States, Pyrus calleryana or Callery Pear is native to China, Korea, and Taiwan.
Bradford pear trees were …

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The Advantages of Using Solar Lights for Gardens

Most of us like to have our gardens lit at night so that we can enjoy them with our family and guests. However installing lighting fixtures for this purpose and then keeping the lights on overnight is a big investment.
If you use traditional garden lights this will often involve hiring an electrician and laying out wires and fixing lights around the garden not to mention the strain on your monthly electricity bill.
However today you don’t need to go through any of this hassles or incur recurring monthly cost for lighting …

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Compost Pile Basics Making Compost For Your Garden

What do you do with your garden waste (leaves, grass clippings, shrub and plant trimmings)?
If you are into gardening then one of the best things you can do is learn home to make compost at home using the garden waste you would normally send to the trash. It is easy and very cheap and will really help your garden soil.
Once you get set up you are going to be using things that you would normally throw away, so you are helping the environment as well.
Compost Equipment
One of the …

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Easy Gardening With Black Mondo Grass

Black mondo grass is a type of lush, ornamental perennial grass that has a unique black color. It is one of the most sought after plants by gardeners because its black color makes a unique background for a variety of flowering plants. While the most common color for black mondo (also known as ebony knight) is black (technically a dark, dark purple) there are also some varieties that have a dark green color instead.
Mondo grass originated from Japan and Korea but can now be found in most subtropical climates, …

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Garden Water Features Can Really Change the Look Of Your Garden

Adding a garden water feature to an outside space can really bring that area to life with the addition of pleasant sounds of moving water as well as a place for wildlife to thrive.
Take a look at these different types of water features for gardens:
Informal Pools are usually chosen over a formal pool as they look more natural in a garden.
These need to be properly sited to look most natural and that generally means in a low level area of the garden.
These pools can be concrete lined but are …

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Learning With Butterfly Gardens

If you’ve got kids and you’re looking for a great way to blend both fun and education, consider planting a butterfly garden in your yard. They don’t need a lot of space or a lot of plants in order to be effective. In fact, with just a few simple tips in mind, you can create a garden that will teach children about butterflies, insects, plants, and gardens. And best of all? They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning.
First, find a spot that will work as …

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Archduke Charles China Rose

I love all roses(OK, I admit it, if it blooms, I love it), however antique, old garden or heirloom roses are my favorites. And today my favorite old garden rose is Archduke Charles.
Archduke Charles is currently putting on a show in my garden and once the purple larkspur around it start blooming, it will be absolutely breathtaking.
I took these pictures this morning in an effort to show how pretty this rose is and to try and show the colors of the blooms. As you can see there are both …

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Rose Mallow Hibiscus moscheutos

The beautiful rose mallow(Hibiscus moscheutos) is a very easy to grow long blooming perennial.
Depending on the selection, the plants can grow from around 3 feet tall to around 8 feet tall and produce absolutely gorgeous blooms that can be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in diameter.
Although the size of the plant and the blooms are large, staking is seldom necessary.
The huge size of the blooms has earned some varieties of Hibiscus mocheutos the nickname of dinner plate hibiscus.

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Wooden Garden Sheds

A wooden garden shed whether painted or left to weather can be both an ideal
storage spot and a decorative element in your landscape. As I mentioned before, I would really love to have a pretty shed in my garden, preferably an unpainted wood garden shed. Now I know there are lots of other great options but for several different reasons, I want a garden shed made out of wood.
Wooden buildings in the garden, to my eye are just much more pleasing to look. And being that wood is a natural …

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